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Sheila Sutherland

Phone: 0211 587 261


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Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation Meditation
“Meditation changed my life. Twice a day, it allows me to come back to my centre and who I really am, and drop 
Benefits of Relaxation Meditation
* Lowers oxygen and increases blood flow

* Supports the heart rate to slow and also lowers blood pressure

* Supports with concentration and brings a sense of calm and peace

* Enhances energy, strength and vigour

* Supports in developing the intuition

* Helps with weight loss

* Builds self confidence and aids with stress relief

* Deep relaxation for the body and mind


Some of my clients prefer to book in for an individual one on one session with me so that they can be supported to enhance their meditation practice. These one on one sessions can be held at your home (petrol allowance may be required) or in my consulting room in Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland. Alternatively, they can also be held via a Zoom or phone call (using loud speaker).

During this time I support the client to use their breath and to become more grounded and present in their body. I then guide them using visual meditation techniques. I work one on one with the client and use my intuition to support them through a guided meditation.

Clients report back that they have felt a release from stress, calmer in their body and their mind and that the individual session provided clarity that they’d been searching for.

I can also create specific meditations for use during these sessions. Eg. Peaceful Living, For over 50's, Power of Intention, Creating More Balance. 

Group Classes

I offer guided meditation classes for those wanting to come along for some inner connection and reflection time. Each group class will be unique to the energy of the group. Numbers will depend on the venue and size of the room. For further information or for bookings please call Sheila on 0211 587 261 or contact me here.

Presenter - Expos and Youth Based Programmes

I have vast experience in presenting guided meditation to groups. Facilitating this process on women's and men's workshops, at the Women's Lifestyle Expo (April 2011) and for the Youth Leadership Program with KHTR ki te Matau a Maui Trust (April 2012).

For further information on how I could support your Expo, Event or Specific Programme, please call Sheila on 0211 587 261 or contact me here.

Workplace Visits by Arrangement

Meditation can reduce stress levels and improve work relationships and productivity. I have extensive experience with delivery of meditation to small or large groups. Sessions can be held at your workplace or other agreed venues with the time and duration tailored to suit your needs and convenience.

Gain valuable skills in relaxation and stress reduction with these short sessions of guided meditations. Suggested duration times of 30min, 45min or 1hr are available to suit your needs.

For further information or for booking please call Sheila on 0211 587 261 or contact me here.

Upcoming dates for Group Classes and venue are being finalised.

Download a free Relaxation Meditation sheet

Price: NZD 60.00

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