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Sheila Sutherland

Phone: 0211 587 261


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Energetic Space Clearings By Distance

Energetic Space Clearings By Distance
What's included in an Energetic Space Clearing (House or Business) by Distance? 
* Prior to the arranged distant clearing, I have spoken with the home, property or office owner about their concerns.
* I tune into the space and work room by room to clear away any of the energies that I sense.
* I extend the clearing field to include the perimeter of the property and surrounding area.
* As an estimated time line, an energetic space clearing which is done by distance for an ordinary size home or office space will take approximately 90 mins to 120 mins.
* I ensure that I have cleared and eliminated all the negative energies.
* The space feels lighter and the clearing has created a more vibrant, harmonious, healthy and happy environment for the owner.
* I then offer a blessing unique to the home, office or property. 
* A written report is compiled, including any further suggestions which I feel will support and this is emailed within a reasonable time of completing the job. 
* My physical presence at the property isn't necessary as I can work by distance on an etheric level. Over the years I have worked by distance to successfully support clients from around Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Amsterdam and Scotland; all with wonderful results.
How Do I Make an Appointment? 
Please email Sheila all of the relevant information i.e name, address, photo of the house/property/office, along with the reason you are seeking the Energetic Space Clearing (House or Business), along with any issues and concerns you may have.
Details of a schedule appointment time for the distant Energetic Space Clearing will be sent to you once payment is received.

Price: NZD 200.00

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