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Sheila Sutherland

Phone: 0211 587 261


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Energetic Space Clearings On-site

Energetic Space Clearings On-site

What's included in an Energetic Space Clearing (House or Business) On-Site?

* I arrive on-site and meet with the home or office owner and we have some brief connection time. 

* Sometimes arrangements are made that I do the clearing session when the home or office owner is away. 

* I then work from a central spot in a non-intrusive and quiet way. 

* I tune into the space and work room by room to clear away any of the energies that I sense.

* I extend the clearing field to include the perimeter of the property and surrounding area.

* As an estimated time line, an on site energetic space clearing for an ordinary size home or office space will take approximately 90 mins to 120 mins.

* I ensure that I have cleared and eliminated all the negative energies.

* The space feels lighter and the clearing has created a more vibrant, harmonious, healthy and happy environment for the owner.

* I then complete the clearing session with a smudging of the space using a special mix of herbs.

* The smoke from the smudge is used to purify the space, it is highly cleansing and clears away any last particles of negative energetic debris. 

* I then offer a blessing unique to the home or office space. 

* If required, a list of further suggestions which I feel will support the home or office owner is offered. 

Pricing Information

This Energetic Space Clearing (House or Business) On-Site includes 30 minute travel time from Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland to the home or business location. Further travel expenses may be necessary if the travel time is longer then 30 minutes.
If you'd like any further information about how an Energetic Space Clearing (House or Business) could support you please call Sheila on 0211 587 261 or contact me.

Maintenance for ongoing health, harmony and well being

I would highly recommend six monthly or annual Energetic Space Clearing for your House or Business. Life often presents us with many opportunities for connection with family, friends, business colleagues and each of those individuals bring their different energies into the house, property or office space. 

Price: NZD 300.00

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