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Sheila Sutherland

Phone: 0211 587 261


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Intuitive Energy Clearing

Intuitive Energy Clearing

"With every thought, word, feeling, or action we are either adding to the

light of the world or to the shadows. Moment by moment, we are either positively

or negatively affecting every person, place, condition, or thing on Earth.

That is quite a responsibility!" Tiara Kumara

Are you feeling stuck in your life? Feeling as though you can't move forward? Are you feeling drained from your life experiences and unable to find release from the emotion of past trauma?

Benefits of Energy Clearing Session 

* Clear the feelings of overwhelm, confusion and sabotaging patterns and beliefs

* Clear the thoughts, feelings and life experiences that are weighing you down

* Clear emotional and traumatic energy that is held in the energy field

* Clear your over active mind and excessive negative self talk 

* Create more confidence for children who are being bullied at school

* Create a sense of lightness, peace and relaxation in the body, mind and spirit

* Create and enjoy new found happiness and joy

* Create profound shifts and enjoy a sense of freedom

* Create more success and abundance in your life

* Create more connection to yourself and your loved ones through presence and self awareness

* Create increased energy levels and gain more clarity for a clearer direction forward in your life

What Happens During a Face to Face Session?

No two sessions are the same and I work with you on an individual level, using a variety of tools to support you for the best possible outcome in the session. I will start by supporting you to use your breath, to become more grounded in yourself and to feel the emotions or what has been resisted and is causing the blockage or pain. During the session often times I receive intuitive messages that I will offer to you. Clients say the information shared is highly accurate and greatly supports them.

The session may include some entity clearing if that is necessary. I may also work with your aura and chakra systems to clear any blockages that I’ve tuned in on and support in creating more balance. Healing crystals may also be used during the session. Clients have spoken of experiencing a profound shift and feeling lighter in themselves. Often the energy work is still happening over the next hours or days following the session. Please do not be alarmed as this is a good sign that some deep healing is happening.


What Happens During a Distant Session?

A distant clearing session is just as effective as a face to face one. Again no two sessions are ever the same and prior to the session, I have received all of the relevant information from you which supports me when I tune in to do the distant session. I work with your energy and chakras and auric field to clear any of the blockages that I tune in on during the session. Any intuitive messages that I receive will be emailed to you along with any other suggestions that I feel will be of further support you. Clients have had amazing results with these distant sessions. Often the energy work is still happening over the next hours or days following the session. Please do not be alarmed as this is a good sign that some deep healing is happening.

Children and Energy Clearing

Energy clearing sessions are just as effective for children, as they are for adults. Depending on the child's age, I like to have the parent attend the initial session with the child. I get an intuitive feel for the child and see if I feel it’s necessary for the parent to stay during the session. It's okay if the parent wishes to stay in the practice room, as long as it's okay with the child. For younger children, I may use creative work with paper, crayons and colour pens to help them to relax while I'm working energetically on them. Usually within moments the child feels safe and relaxed enough for me to ask some key questions, which opens up the space for the child to share what is going on for them. I then work energetically to support the child through the session. A distant session can also be organised by prior arrangement.


Price: NZD 100.00

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