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Past Life Intergration

Past Life Intergration
To be able to look back upon one's past life with satisfaction is to live twice. 

Lord Acton


Most often the sabotaging patterns, fears and phobias that are ongoing in our current life have some connection to a past life. A Past Life Integration session can support to work through these emotional wounds, releasing the sabotaging patterns, fears and phobias and enhance healing possibilities. 

Benefits of a Past Life Integration

* Clear emotional wounds, sabotaging patterns, fears or phobias

* Clear behaviours and blockages that keep you stuck in this life 

* Clear and release unfelt emotions and traumas that are held in the soul memory

* Clear vows and karmic agreements from past lives that are sabotaging your current life

* Create more power and acceptance of your unique gifts in this life

* Create more certainty and clarity in your life

* Create more harmony in your relationships

* Create more wealth and financial security

* Create more joy, balance and happiness in your life

* Create more personal space and enjoy a new sense of freedom

* Create a pathway to achieve your dreams and desires

* Create a pathway for spiritual and emotional healing

What Happens During the Past Life Session?

The session begins with an initial chat so that I can gain clarity on the most relevant topic for the Past Life session. You will then be guided through a gentle meditation to support in relaxing you. The necessary time is taken to ensure that you are relaxed, so that you will get the maximum benefit from the session.

As you access the specific past life, I will work intuitively to support you in releasing and clearing any past phobias, fears and other sabotaging patterns. You will also work on clearing any past vows or karmic agreements which are hindering your current life. In the event that the you may get caught between dual past lives, I will guide you to the most relevant past life.

During the Past Life session, the conscious mind becomes a witness to the past life as it unfolds during the process. There can be potential for amazing emotional release, insights and healing to occur during the session as the client explores the past life and the time and space in between the present life.

I am Certified in Past Life Integration. While it may be intriguing to know what past lives you've had, please note that these sessions are offered as a support to release blockages or phobias that have been holding you back in your life. Not as a form of entertainment.

The Past Life Integration session will work best if you have an open mind and no set agenda on how the session will unfold. It's a letting go of the need to control and to be guided during the process.

Price: NZD 100.00

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