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Etheric Cord Cutting

Etheric Cord Cutting
“When someone has a strong intuitive connection, Buddhism suggests that it’s because of karma, some past connection.” Richard Gere 

Etheric cords are a kind of astral-etheric pipe from one person to another. An Etheric Cord Cutting session can support in releasing attachments that were created from fear, a concern of abandonment or rejection or from an unhealthy co-dependence to the other person.

Benefits of Etheric Cord Cutting

* Clear emotional blocks that are restrictive and holding you back

* Clear and release trauma and emotion from childhood experiences

* Create a clearer and more loving relationship with the person

* Create space for new insights and brings a sense of new found self

* Create a new found freedom from the past 

* Create more clarity, peace and freedom in your life

* Create a more healthy connection to yourself and your loved ones

What is Etheric Cord Cutting?

Etheric Cords are a kind of astral-etheric pipe from one person to another. Cord Cutting is used to support in removing any unhealthy etheric cords between the client and the chosen person.

These etheric cords can be created by a series of things, such as an addiction to drugs, sex, over-eating. Through co-dependency with another, excessive anger or through depression, a build up of negative emotions, through loneliness or abuse, from a fear of abandonment, co-dependency, through not forgiving and wanting some revenge or through neediness.
These etheric cords cause leakages of life force and energetically bind you to other people. Many of these energetic binds are created through an unhealthy need to be connected or are dysfunctional. A Cord Cutting session is a great way to release the energy connecting to people who are draining. You may have heard the term psychic vampire.
The process of Cord Cutting can be used in relation to all loved ones i.e. intimate partners, ex-partners, family, friends, work colleagues etc. And the process can also be performed with those who are no longer living. Cutting these etheric cords does not mean that a relationship or friendship will end, it just creates a healthier connection to the person. I never work to cut the connection from the heart chakra as this connection is always pure.
This is a gentle and loving process and the necessary time is taken to ensure that the client and the chosen person is supported for the best possible outcome. 
The Cord Cutting session will work best if the client has an open mind and no set agenda on how the session will unfold. It's a letting go of the need to control and to be guided during the process.
Sessions can be done face to face with me in my consulting room in Te Atatu Peninsula, West Auckland, by a Zoom or phone call, or by a distant session.

Price: NZD 100.00

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