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Sheila Sutherland

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Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Reiki can be used to compliment other modalities of medical care. The Reiki practitioner is a conduit for the healing energy to come through the hands to the client. Sacred healing symbols are used and support in removing energy blockages and restoring and balancing the life force energy to create better well being, stress reduction and relaxation. 


Benefits of Reiki

* Clear stress levels in the body and mind to support with relaxation

* Clear energy blockages and restore and balance for better well being

* Clear negative sleeping patterns 

* Clear emotional distress i.e. grieving & upset

* Clear and support with pain relief

* Create better blood circulation

* Supports the inner organs to cleanse i.e. liver, kidneys, spleen, heart and lungs etc

* Create spiritual clarity and growth

* Create a rejuvenation and replenishment of energy levels


What Happens During the Session?

The client is fully clothed during the session and lays in a comfortable position on a massage table. There is some relaxing music playing gently in the background. Depending on whether or not the client is fragrant sensitive, I may burn some 100% essential oils to support further with relaxation during the session.
The universal Reiki healing energy is passed through the hands to the client by either having the hands gently placed on their body in various positions or above the body.

Reiki & Crystal Healing 

The use of crystals in a Reiki session can support with energy balancing and speeding up the healing process. This can also support to release blockages with the etheric, emotional or on the spiritual level to create better well being for the mind, body and soul.
I find myself drawn to use a range of crystals alongside Reiki and some of my preferred ones are clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, carnelian and lapis lazuli. Many of my clients have experienced Reiki to be deeply relaxing and restorative.

Distant Reiki Healing

Sessions are just as effective by distance as they are in a face to face session. Reiki is not limited by time or by distance and I tune in and connect with the client and send the healing energy their way. 

Who Can Have a Reiki Healing?

Reiki can be beneficial for people of all ages and can be used for family pets and other animals as well.

If you'd like a Reiki Distant session please email Sheila through your name and details and as soon as payment is received, a scheduled appointment time will be sent through to you.
I am Certified in Reiki i & Reiki ii


Price: NZD 70.00

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