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Sheila Sutherland

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Healing Testimonials

Reiki Testimony

“What I enjoy about Reiki is the gentleness. There is no work that I need to do or be conscious for. It is the power of intention and the healing just happens. The deep sense of calm I experience after a session is beautiful.” 

Madonna, Canberra, ACT, Australia 10/9/2010

Energy Clearing & Past Life Integration Testimonies

"I'm not great at putting words down on paper, but here we go. I would really like to thank you for making a significant break-through for me, for the healing and past life block. After I left you I went over to a friend's for a cuppa and she could not believe how I looked, she said my skin looked amazing and my eyes were clear and bright. My daughter later joined us and she asked me if I had been for a make over, she wanted to know where I had been and what had I done as my skin and face looked so serene. Not only did my physical being look different but the way I have felt inside has changed, some blocks I have had, I now have no fear to tackle and no longer put these off. I feel that I am now making some positive progress in my life. I am looking forward to future sessions with you and look forward to the outcome. I have recommended you to several of my friends and colleagues." 
Fiona M, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 25/6/2010  
"I had never experienced past life regression before and was interested to know what it was like. I initially thought I was going to see Sheila to simply experience who I had been in my past lives and thought this may shed light on who I am today. However, I experienced much more. I saw Sheila at a time in my life where uncertainty was surrounding me, I felt lost and fear of disappointing my family and their expectations, perhaps mine too, was clouding my usual ability to make decisions, trust in my intuition, and being forgiving and accepting towards myself and life.

Sheila helped me to release the emotional intensity I was feeling and trying to suppress, she helped me to physically relax, let go and reconnect. She helped me to relight the flame that felt as if it had gone out. And in the midst of all that, I did experience a regression to a past life and it also brought me clarity and understanding. Sheila is a wonderful, caring healer who truly believes in her work in order to help us connect with our true selves. I can imagine her healing work has the potential to help us all and I would certainly recommend her. She has a sincere warmth and nurturing approach and I felt completely comfortable and safe. Thank you so much for sharing your healing with me and helping me find my way back to myself and my own truth. With love and light." 
Vivienne, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 28/3/2011
Past Life Integration Testimonies

"In this guided process I have released past/fixed attention that has been impeding me and I have recreated what I truly desire as a reality in the now moment." 

Madonna, Canberra, ACT, Australia 10/9/2010

“In the past building up to a workshop I have often felt terror at doing it weeks before and whatever else is going on in my life, seemed to be put to one side as my focus is on this 'day' looming in the future. This 'terror' didn't feel like mine, didn't feel rational and was at times, crippling. After my past life session and in the build up to this workshop, I didn't experience that terror at all, although I was aware of waiting for it to overtake me - but it just didn't come. I was much more focused and in the moment, aware that the workshop was coming up but it didn't stop me enjoying my life or experiences or being present with my family. Whilst I was focused on the day, I was also aware of life after it and didn't go into the story of 'how I couldn't wait until it was over'! 
Because I was so much more present with the preparation to the workshop, I also started to think about whether what I was doing was work I wanted to be doing, because of the time it took to prepare and I realised that actually, it wasn't. So in dealing with the terror, it has freed me up to be honest about what is true for me.
The workshop was on Thursday and although I did feel nervous before the day, it was a big success and everyone gained something of value from it. And I feel that the build up was so much more gentle on me and more truthful and I thank you Sheila honey for the work you do - it made a big difference to me.
I felt completely safe and held with Sheila and trusted in her ability to take me into the past life I needed to go back to. She was intuitive, compassionate, challenging and gentle and I have no hesitation in recommending her and look forward to being a client again in the future.” 
Anne B, Wellington, New Zealand 16/10/2010

Energy Clearing Testimonials

"My session with Sheila was the most amazing experience to have, she helped me uncover my fear that had been holding me back for so many years, realising I had missed out on so much great opportunities, I feel so much lighter and happier that my children have even noticed, I’m ready to face my challenges for a brighter future now I know I can achieve my dreams. Thanks so much, lots of love." 
Daphne, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 23/7/2010 
"I was given as a present my introduction to Heart & Soul Healing which I had no knowledge of and was not even sure what it was all about. My first impression when walking into the room to meet you was one of peace and tranquility which puts you immediately at ease. I had the energy clearing which I must admit was more than expected in the way that your were able to see my barriers and then set about releasing them - no easy job!  All this was done in a wonderful and very professional manner so much so that in the end I did not want to leave the room!  After flying back home that afternoon and having time to myself all helped with my healing. Today I am very much more at peace with myself. I would recommend anyone to go and have a session with Sheila at Heart & Soul. Very enlightening and rewarding. I also have my Lemon Spritzer which just helps me calm down and relax as well. Thank you so much for your time and energy." 
MLH, Auckland, New Zealand 17/10/2010
"Thankyou very much for your help, I feel a sense of serenity. I feel like there aren't as many things I need to do. Less weight on my shoulders. As soon as I woke up I feel less under pressure with the emotions that unsettled me. I feel I'm in a safe zone too. I feel you understand people well, thank you for helping everyone who finds you. Bless you Sheila." 
LL, Auckland, New Zealand 4/10/2011
"My session with Sheila was the most amazing experience. I feel so much lighter and ready for what ever the world's going to throw at me. Thank you so much Sheila for letting me feel that it was ok feeling the way I was. Also put me back in line ready for the world." 
Kat, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 14/10/2011
"I recently visited Sheila for an Energy Clearing Session and was immediately welcomed with her empathetic warmth. Her competent skills and experience enabled me to feel relaxed and it was a most healing and beneficial session. Many thanks Sheila." 
J N, Napier. Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 2/11/2011
"I went to see Sheila as my holiday hadn't been as relaxing as I hoped and needed, and I was starting to get stressed about going back to work. Also, my health wasn't the best and I was worrying about that. Sheila helped me to let go of fears and anxieties that I had been accumulating and helped set me on a clear path forward.I not only left her clinic feeling light, uplifted and refreshed, but the session has impacted even further on my life by helping me gain insight and intuition to sort out my ongoing health problem. Also, at work I am feeling less stressed and more focused. I highly recommend Sheila as a practitioner for sorting emotional issues. The effect is truely life changing. 

D S, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 14/2/2011

"My Name is Kathy White; I run a Charity called Lights on the Hill Trucking Inc. A charity that places deceased truck driver’s names upon a memorial wall for the families, and supports the families left behind.

For many years I have been in emotional turmoil, sometimes I felt like my insides where being ripped apart for some reason, I went to doctors and more doctors to be told it’s stress then it was it is your age. I felt I had nowhere to turn, I tried all sorts of things, I knew my emotions were in a spin and felt I could not control them after many years of abuse and humiliation from my first husband. I really did not know where to turn; it was advised that I should go to counselling, I think the councillor had more problems than I did. It was suggested that I visit other professional people to seek help, however after years of trying I eventually gave up. When I started Lights on the Hill the emotions started to get worse I put it down to working only with people who have lost a loved one, I decided I put myself in this situation I just have to keep dealing with it now.
I became friends with a woman who sadly had lost a little boy in an accident and we put his name on the wall. Over the years we became good friends and she often told me of her sister who lived in New Zealand who could do healing, well by then I had given up hope that anyone could do anything for me, so I casually said “that’s nice”. Not long ago, my friend told me her sister was over from NZ, It was destiny that I meet her; it was wonderful as they are twins I felt like I knew Sheila already. I asked if it would be possible to have a reading and told Sheila of my situation Sheila suggested I have a past life reading. This we did, I spent a long time with Sheila and as the session went on I could feel things leaving my body a little bit at a time, the tension in my body shifted at first then started to lift, with Sheila’s help and guidance I could feel my body and soul moving towards inner peace and tranquility. Once my session was over I was over the moon, however I went home and just wanted to sleep and be left alone I was so tired.
The next day after spending every morning getting out of bed and making a cuppa and sitting in the lounge and not wanting to move until I had to, this was happening for years I became attached to my lounge as soon as I came home in the afternoon I want to that lounge. Once I woke up after Sheila’s sessions the poor old couch has been deserted and I have such a new spring in my life I look forward to each day and evening when I get home, my tightness in my body has left me and I feel so good. I recommend Sheila’s treatment to anyone. Love you Sheila thank you so much for giving me my life back that no one else has ever been able to achieve....Kathy"
Kathy White, Plainland, QLD, Australia 9/11/2011
"Sometimes in life you can feel ‘lost’ and not sure where you belong...and then even worse, you wonder why so much bad luck seems to follow you around constantly and it just doesn’t let up? Well, that was me. In fact I felt so bad I hated the thought of waking each day because I had resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t face it anymore. Trouble and closed doors was my life. Depression and darkness had gripped me strongly...and I was terrified as to my fate.
My physical health and wellbeing was suffering too. I didn’t want to die (didn’t know how to) but I couldn’t handle the on going suffering either. I was a mess!
I started wondering if I was cursed or had something ‘otherworldly’ hanging over me. Honestly it got so bad that I took myself in hand and called Sheila who was someone I had found online who specialised in Healing of a spiritual nature. After talking on the phone with Sheila I felt a lot better and that finally I had someone who could help. We were both spiritually inclined and so I immediately felt a connection.
That first meeting with Sheila at her clinic was quite simply...amazing! She took me through a guided, loving energy healing session where she uncovered within me my sense of ‘being’ that had been suppressed for so long. It was a powerful, emotional time that included etheric cord cutting that had me enslaved to all my long held fears and sense of hopelessness. It was a big session that went well over my allotted appointment time but Sheila was determined to free me from these chains. When it ended, I felt like I had been literally reborn! Life seemed to be fresh and exciting again.
A second appointment was scheduled and this was to conduct a house clearing of any negative energies in my home. I had just moved to Auckland to begin a new relationship and knew this was a good idea. More than that, it proved to make all the difference in giving us a sanctuary that felt welcoming to us and also safe and secure. Where we would feel relaxed to be in and rejuvenated at the same time. A place of kindness and love. We love coming home now Sheila thanks to you!
My last session to date with Sheila involved some reinforcement of belonging in this world and being a dynamic, beautiful part of it. Also, more cord cutting from previous relationships that I was still being influenced by. All the while being fully supported and nurtured by these good entities who were present and protective.
I feel sure my journey through this life will be much more positive and rewarding now thanks to Sheila’s loving and selfless guidance and ability to really help. I am certain I/we will be keeping in touch with her and her amazing gift of Healing. Truly, Heart and Soul. Bless you Sheila for saving my life."
John Schaeffer, Howick, New Zealand, 15/2/2013