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Sheila Sutherland

Phone: 0211 587 261


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I offer a unique blend of intuitive energy healing practices supporting the client to work through and release blockages, sabotaging patterns and fears that are holding them back in their life. I support them by using a range of tools, drawing from my wealth of experience and using my intuition during these sessions.

Clients often speak of feeling lighter, feeling free of the burdens that held them back for months, sometimes even years. They speak of profound shifts, clarity and a clear direction forward. 

"You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are." Eckhart Tolle


Clarity and Truth Session

Feeling lost and not sure where you're headed in your life? Are you clinging onto past experiences, hurts and fears? Has your heart been broken and you're not game to open it again for new love to come? Have you lost your passion and enthusiasm for life? I've designed these Clarity and Truth Sessions to cut through what's not working, provide an opportunity for healing and some clarity so that you can move forward in your life.   

Reiki and Intuitive Healing

Reiki is one of the most recognised healing practices in the Western world. Reiki has been used for centuries and was rediscovered by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900's and is pronounced “Ray Kay”. It is a combination of two Japanese words Rei (meaning Spirit or Universal) and Ki (meaning life force or energy). Ancient symbols are used and becomes a conduit for the Reiki energy to pass through the hands to the client.

Etheric Cord Cutting 

Cord Cutting is used to support in removing any unhealthy etheric cords between the client and the chosen person. Cords are a kind of astral-etheric pipe from one person to another. Clients often feel a draining of energy, but without knowing what this is.

Past Life Integration

Are you feeling stuck in your life and unable to move forward? Do you have fears and phobias that are holding you back? Our experiences that have happened in other lives can impact and influence our current life. A past life integration session supports the client to resolve what has a strong and often sabotaging influence on their current life. There is an amazing potential for healing and for deep transformation to occur.

Intuitive Energy Clearing

Energy Clearing can support in a number of ways to let go of confusion and release the residue from past emotional upsets and life events that have been weighing the client down. Creating the space for the to move forward in their life.

Relaxation Meditation

Relaxation Meditation is an important part of good self care, health and well being. And it also provides an opportunity for some inner connection and reflection time in what is often a busy and full life. I have worked with clients from all walks of life. From busy mums and dads, business owners and CEO's, those on the front line working with vulnerable members of the community. Clients who find it difficult to switch off an overactive mind at the end of the day.