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Sheila Sutherland

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House Clearing Testimonials

Distant Energetic House Clearing

"I was blessed to meet this lovely lady. I needed to “clean a house”. The whole atmosphere in the house wasn’t welcoming. I felt that something needs to be done to clean the energy. My friend told me about Sheila. After the session I felt big difference and the first time for 12 years I noticed the beauty of the place/relationship with my husband improved as well. Second time I asked for help, my son had emotional stress. He couldn’t sleep, he had anxiety. It was terrible for me to hear that a boy of nine is tired of life. It was a frustration for me, I didn’t know what to do. I talked to Sheila, she did a distant healing session on my son and that night he slept peacefully first time for a week of nightmares. Another time I asked Sheila, if was about me. I felt like I was stuck, couldn’t move on, didn’t know direction of my life. Sheila did session on me to clear blocks (I carried them with me from my past life, incredible!!!). After that I feel like I was born again, I feel totally new person now, I know what I am. I noticed that my life has got a new quality. Thank you Sheila for your angelic light you give to people!!!!!! I recommend Sheila to everyone. She is amazing healer. When me or my family need help and support, I know where to go. Thank you "
E.G. Napier, New Zealand 30/8/2010

For All My Modalities

“I have utilised all of the modalities Sheila offers as a healer.  I have called on her not just for myself, but for my son, my partner, and in times when The Great Mother Gaia is in need. Sheila's dedication, ethics, honesty, endurance to live authentically and her great capacity to love are rare gems in sometimes a cruel human world. My gratitude to you Sheila, for your service.”
Madonna, Canberra, ACT, Australia 10/9/2010

Distant Energy Clearing & Reiki Healing

"As I have done several times before when times get tough, I turned to Sheila for support during a particularly difficult time when I was supporting family and close friends in Australia through some very emotional times. From the other side of the world, Sheila tapped into exactly what was going on for me and soothed me just with the sound of her voice, but also with her calming and supportive words. She also did some distant clearings for me, my friends, and family. The next morning, I was amazed to wake up feeling refreshed after a run of sleepless nights, and I knew this was down to Sheila's work. This also made me feel relieved that my family and friends would have felt this invisible support as well. So thank you again my lovely Sheila - I feel so very lucky to have you in my life and to be able to share in your amazing gifts."
DA, London, UK 31/12/2010

On-Site Energetic Space Clearing Testimonial

"I moved into my home a month ago. All though I loved the home I felt a presence there I felt very uncomfortable. So I called on Sheila to do a cleansing. I found her a friendly soft spoken person. The work she does is amazing. My house Is clear I no longer feel uncomfortable. I have taken ownership of my home.

Happy client Pauline, Auckland, New Zealand 3/9/2014

"My husband and I are in the midst of dealing with a major relationship issue. We have been confused, lost, sick and anxious. Sheila came into our lives and our home last week and has truly worked her wonders. Sheila done an onsite energetic cleansing, and also began helping us heal on an individual and personal level. With her guidance, support and advice, all without judgement, our home feels lighter, easier, warm. Our hearts and souls feel a little more love, openness and understanding. Sheila presents herself with such calm and reassurance. Beautiful. Sheila, you are a true professional at what you do and we feel extremely fortunate to have discovered you."

D & S, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, 26/4/2011

Distant Energetic Clearing Testimonials

"I had been experiencing fatigue and pain in my body for a significant amount of time. When these symptoms became overwhelming, I contacted Sheila for a distant clearing session. I have had sessions with Sheila in the past, and have always noticed a profound and positive change afterward. This session was no exception. After my session with Sheila, I noticed an immediate difference. I felt energised, alert and the chronic pain that I had been experiencing diminished. During my session, Sheila also highlighted how my work and some of the relationships around me have been impacting upon my health. This knowledge has also made me determined to make some big changes in a number of areas in my life. Thank you so much Sheila for your wonderful work, you are truly amazing."  
Kristen Lake, Melbourne, Australia 1/5/2011
"Sheila's energetic space clearing and blessing for my new work premises in Adelaide has been powerful, effective and respectful. Sheila's perception and skill have been extraordinary and supportive of both myself and my business. My business has only been in operation at the new location for two weeks and has hit the ground running! Sheila's work makes a difference. A fabulous way to start 2012 and celebrate 20 years in business. Thank you Sheila."

Trina Bailey Healing, Adelaide, Australia 09/01/2012,  

"Thank you so much for doing a distant house clearing for me. Before you did the clearing  It felt like a lot of bitterness, ugliness, depression type aura in the household, it wasn’t a nice place to be in,  I now feel as though a lot has been lifted off our shoulders, things seem to be flowing nicely now, also thank you for doing a clearing on the rental also, as this is going well and has  much more positivity going through the house now."

P.B, Napier, New Zealand 14/07/2012

Couples Energy Clearing Testimonial

"Both my partner & I visited Sheila together initially. We were both in need of something, anything really, to help us reset our lives for the future. The past had brought with it both trying & traumatic times for the two of us, whilst together & apart.

How fortunate were we upon meeting Sheila. What a kind-hearted, gentle natured soul was she, who, in quite an individual customized way, would inspire both of us to create opportunities where we could begin to make positive changes to our lives.

After our first visit & before we were to commence with our personal sessions, Sheila was to carry out a house clearing for myself, from a distance, the following day. We spent the rest of the present day wondering around town & then a nice walk along the beach before returning home. Soon after, I said to my partner that I thought the house already felt quite different, a much lighter feeling, a more neutral energy about it. Expecting him to just smile, thinking I was being premature, surprisingly he agreed. Strangely enough, I received a phone call from Sheila just minutes later, letting me know she had decided to carry out my house clearing that very day, not long after we had left her, instead of the following as we had arranged.

So I would like to say that Heart & Soul Healing was definitely a step in the right direction for myself & my partner, along with the added pleasure of meeting Sheila. With this in mind, I would gladly recommend her gift of spiritual guidance to any, many & all who are wanting help with redirecting their lives or simply in need of a little Heart & Soul Healing. Thank you Special Lady."

M & B, Hawkes Bay, NZ 08/04/2012