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Energetic Space Clearings

Energetic Space Clearings (House, Land or Business) can support when there are feelings of unease or negative energies and is ideal for houses, land, office spaces, hotels and rental properties. 

Each property is different and the clearing work is done based on the individual needs of the client. The clearing work can be done on-site or by distance and both with amazing results.    

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.
Joseph Campbell

Benefits of an Energetic Space Clearing (House, Land or Business)

* Clear negative and unwelcome energetic residue from the space

* Clear out the build up of energetic debris from past anger or fears

* Clear entities and misguided energies from the space

* Clear the energy of teenage angst 

* Clear the imprints of previous occupants 

* Clear energy around houses and properties that are not selling

* Clear energy in preparation for the arrival of a new baby

* Clear energy or tensions with blended family dynamics

* Clear the negative and intrusive energy after a burglary or home invasion

* Clear emotions when life circumstances change i.e. divorce, separation, children leaving home

* Clear the emotional grief after the death of a loved one

* Clear negative or emotional energy that is affecting sleep patterns

* Clear stagnant energy with the work or office location and team dynamics

* Create a more vibrant, harmonious, healthy and happy environment

* Create more clarity and vitality in your life   

* Create a more rejuvenated and productive work place

What is Energetic Space Clearing?

Ever felt like you don't want to go home? Or you've visited with friends or family and you notice the energy of the house feeling cold or tense? You may have heard the old saying "You could cut the air with a knife".

Our houses, land and office spaces can absorb negative energies from events or situations. Couples, friends or family members who've had disagreements, experienced strong emotions, guilt, disappointment or even traumatic events may find themselves not feeling quite right in their living spaces. 

And similarly, disruptive energy or team dynamics can have a negative impact on business productivity. Houses or apartments that have been on the market for a while, feeling "stuck" and not moving can benefit from a Clearing as well. 

Often times there can be a build up of energetic debris from past anger or fears. Examples of this could be a recent divorce or separation or with children leaving home. There is often residue of emotional energy which lingers on in the space through attachment or longing for the situation to be different. This lingering energy may also be present when moving into a new home or office premises as the energy of the previous occupants can be felt.

I’d highly recommend an house clearing to support in bringing the space back to harmony after a burglary. As there are often a variety of emotions including feelings of sadness, anger and fear, or of being violated from the burglary. An energetic space clearing will support in preparation for the arrival of a new baby. And work places can benefit with improving productivity and create a more vibrant and healthy space.

If you'd like any further information about how an Energetic Space Clearing (House or Business) could support you, please call Sheila on 0211 587 261 or contact me.


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