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Sheila Sutherland

Phone: 0211 587 261


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Clarity and Truth Session

Clarity and Truth Session

Consider this a power session to help you break through whatever is holding you back in your life. Whether it's limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns, pain or heartache from past hurts or simply fear that is holding you back. 

I will support you in grounding yourself and connecting with the issue, belief or restriction. Personal, business or other concerns are all welcome in these Clarity and Truth sessions. I offer a neutral space to hold you in your unravelling and challenging your viewpoint where necessary. Supporting you in freeing any stuck attention, beliefs or sabotaging patterns by using a range of tools to help clear whatever is in the way of you moving forward with clarity and a clear direction. 

These one on one sessions can be held face to face, on Zoom or phone. They are ideal for individuals who are seeking an accountability partner who will challenge you so that you can stay on your path of spiritual and personal growth. 



Price: NZD 100.00

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